(Electronic Document Executive)

e-Doc Executive is an easy-to-use, comprehensive document storage and retrieval system that can stand alone or be fully integrated into RIMAS™ NT/P-the Recycling Industry's most advanced Windows-based accounting and management software.

The Document Management Plan, included at no extra cost, helps you create customized viewing, security, and indexing systems to file and protect your documents to your company's specifications.

At Shared Logic, you will receive more features, lower prices and an exceptional level of service.


Some of the functions found in e-Doc Executive include:

  • Immediate, secure access to any document at any time, including simultaneous access by multiple users
  • Restrict viewing access and protect confidential information using multiple security levels
  • Store, index, edit, and view on-demand any type of file including paper files, pictures, audio, and video images
  • Customize your Document Management Plan to define, protect, index and cross-reference your files for easy secure searching and viewing
  • Print, fax, or e-mail documents individually or as a group
  • Scan, import and index images at any time, from any e-Doc Executive workstation
  • Search by index value, document type, or partial words in an index
  • One-click access to related documents of any type
  • Batch scan large groups of documents quickly and efficiently
  • Add annotations to images and/or black-out sensitive areas
  • Burn-in annotations and black-outs to make them permanent
  • Combine images into multi-page graphics for easy viewing
  • Validate index entries against your existing database or create Lookup Tables
  • Easily add existing files to the system using the "Drag and Drop" feature
  • Archive document files to secondary online storage or to offline storage on CD or DVD
  • Supports industry standard TWAIN scanners
  • Integrates with virtually every software package via a custom print driver

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