Shared Logic was founded in 1982 and is committed to delivering quality business solutions to companies in the recycling, scrap and metals-related industries.

Using state-of-the-art programming and database tools, Shared Logic designs, programs, tests, installs and supports its accounting and operational systems throughout North America. Using these products and services, our customers can more effectively operate their businesses to the benefit of the industries they serve.

Shared Logic is located in Holland, Ohio, however we are proud to influence and supports hundreds of businesses across the United States every day.

Shared Logic’s RIMAS™ NT/P platform is the primary accounting and operational software for over 4,000 end-users coming from more than 300 recycling companies nationwide. Our talented group of programmers, support technicians, office support staff, and documentation and marketing specialists work together to meet the needs of recycling companies of all sizes efficiently and consistently. From small organizations to those with thousands of employees, Shared Logic has proven to be the recycling industry’s superior solution for accounting and operations management software needs for over forty years.

Today Shared Logic is in a season of growth with our team growing rapidly, new systems and internal software being implemented, and moving full steam ahead into new product development as well as a renewed focus on the improvement of our current offerings. We stand ready to provide a solution to your every need and establish a partnership that will last forty years more.

Leadership Team

At the helm of our dynamic and innovative company stands a leadership team made up of Perry Jacobs (President), Monte Porter (Executive Vice President), Todd Piper (Chief Information Officer), Charles “Chuck” Stoner (Director of Product Development), Kelly Magginis (Director of Services) and Clint Matthews (Sales Manager). Together their collective vision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to propel us to new heights.

With a keen understanding of our unique industry, our leadership team charts the course for success, steering our organization with a necessary blend of foresight and adaptability. Through strategic acumen and collaborative spirit, they are able to foster a culture of creativity and innovation, inspiring every team member to contribute their absolute best. Grounded in the importance of integrity and driven by a passion for positive impact for our customers and employees, our leadership team works to ensure a bright and successful future for all who are connected to Shared Logic.

  • Perry Jacobs


    Perry began with Shared Logic in 1990 as a support technician for the company’s DOS program. He was promoted to Windows software department manager when the company started development of the Windows-based RIMAS application in 1997. He was named Executive Vice President in 2004 and was named President in 2012.

  • Monte Porter

    Executive Vice president

    Monte has been in sales and operations for over 30 years and has been with Shared Logic since 2006. As the Executive Vice President, Monte is responsible for overseeing the administrative and sales departments for Shared Logic

  • Todd Piper

    Chief Information Officer

    Chief Information Officer Todd Piper is responsible for the development and execution of Shared Logics technology strategy, which ensures its alignment with overall business objectives and provides direction for the oversight of design, development, security and support of IT systems and business applications. Since joining Shared Logic in 2022, Todd has grown the team, helped drive process improvements, platform scalability and expanded our cloud strategy.

    Todd brings over 35 years of global application implementation, recycling management software, IT security, and data center management experience to the team. He previously held senior technology positions with PADNOS, Johnson Controls, Service Express, and Harrow Industries. Todd is also an active member and contributor on the Forbes Technology Council.

  • Charles “Chuck” Stoner

    Director of Product Development

    Chuck graduated from the University of Toledo where he played on the baseball team. After college he spent a few years working for a nuclear power plant. In 2004 he joined Shared Logic as a Developer. In his current position as the Director of Product Development he leads a talented team that designs, develops, and tests our software solutions to ensure they meet the customer requirements.

  • Kelly Magginis

    Director of Services

    Kelly is a University of Toledo graduate and has been employed at Shared Logic since 2001. As Lead Support Tech, Kelly is responsible for the overall direction of the Support Department. To her position, she brings experience in programming and technical support along with an accounting background. To Kelly there are only two seasons—Buckeye football and waiting for Buckeye football to start.

  • Clint Matthews

    Sales Manager

    Clint started with Shared Logic in 2013 as a Sales Assistant. In his current position as Sales Manager, he handles all current and prospective customer sales processes. Clint is an avid sports fan and golf enthusiast. He and his wife, Sara, can be spotted most weekends at a soccer field or baseball diamonds watching their two boys Cole and Cooper.

Our Customers

Shared Logic has over 300 customers nationwide and has been the leader in the recycling software industry for over 40 years. Our expertise in the industry has helped us to continually grow and build partnerships. See what some of our loyal customers have to say about Shared Logic.

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