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  • How is your software priced?

    We have a modular and concurrent user-based pricing structure, which is based on how many modules are licensed and the number of users that are logged in at the same time. This allows us flexibility when it comes to finding the right solution for you. Contact our Sales department for more details on pricing.

  • Are there any annual fees associated with your software?

    Yes. We offer annual agreements to help cover the costs of updating and enhancing the software. Contact our Sales department for more details on pricing.

  • Can I expand the software package later?

    Yes. You can add more concurrent users, additional modules, and other features at any time without penalty. Just pay the associated fees with whatever you are adding. Contact our Sales department for further details.

  • How often is the software updated?

    Our software is updated monthly. We update frequently to ensure our customers receive the latest improvements and stay current with ever-changing Metal Theft legislation. Our in-house programming department is always taking recommendations on how to improve the software from our current customers.

  • What are the hours for Technical Support?

    Technical Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. After-hours and weekend support may be scheduled in certain circumstances. Technical Support is billed out monthly and by the hour.

  • What type of hardware is required for your software to run?

    We are a Microsoft Windows-based platform with a Microsoft SQL back-end. Most computers running Windows will work.

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